For Employers

Attention Etowah County Business Owners, Human Resource Managers & Others struggling to find enthusiastic, hard-working employees:

Beautiful Rainbow is a great resource for enthusiastic employees. When students complete the Beautiful Rainbow Training program, they are





They have the skills they need to get a job & keep a job.
Now it’s up to the community to give them a chance

Hear from Current Employers

Trained in soft-skills, customer service, and ServSafe protocol, students who have completed the Beautiful Rainbow Training program are already working for more than 30 business owners in the area. Here are some simple management tips from two local business owners who are experiencing great success with our graduates:

Questions Answered

Simple Solutions

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Meet Students Ready to Join Your Team

These students have acquired functional academic skills and employment training through organic gardening and sophisticated food production.  Listen as they describe their strengths and why they are ready to come to work for you

Dillon Martin

Cory Malone

Jamari Jelks

Candido Lucas

Alex Baltazar

Martin Baltazar

Have More Questions?

Contact Chip Rowan, director of Gadsden City Schools’ Beautiful Rainbow program, for more information on the training, assistance with employee matching, and guidance on working with people who have cognitive disabilities.